Miracles are defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “marvellous events due to some supernatural agency”. Very few of us have the privilege of witnessing a miracle. If indeed there is a supernatural agency responsible, it would be safe to assume miracles are not just accidental phenomena, but have an underlying purpose. One would also question the nature of that agency. When multiple miracles occur at the same place over a relatively short period of time, something very unusual is going on.

Portal to the Dreamtime relates many of the supernatural events that occurred at a 223 acre property near Melbourne during 1979 to 2005. They include cloud formations that had specific images and symbols, each with a very clear message for the observers. Solid objects were mysteriously moved, sometimes with great force. Extraordinary lights appeared in the night sky. These lights subtly influenced the observers to go to a particular place on the land where a big surprise awaited them. There were also numerous channelled communications, notable not only for the information they conveyed, but for their synchronicity with the events at the time and for their predictions of future events.

The author refers to the supernatural agencies that manipulated these events as spirit. Spirit presented itself in many different identities and personalities. Spirit showed that it can be associated with living entities, such as we humans, or it can be totally discarnate, free of the limitations of the material reality. What became very clear was that spirit is intelligent – it has consciousness. Science is unable to define consciousness, and it would seem that is because it tries to relate consciousness to the human brain. Once we accept that spirit is real and has consciousness, then a massive expansion occurs of the reality in which we perceive ourselves to exist.

Portal to the Dreamtime provides compelling evidence that by denying spirit we limit our understanding of who we are and the true nature of the universe we inhabit. By excluding spirit from our reality, we limit ourselves and lock ourselves into duality, a world of good and evil. The book takes us into the world of spirit and reveals the connectedness and the power that we have but too often fail to use wisely. When we understand the source of our power we are able to effortlessly create the best possible outcomes. We see the purpose in all we experience and we cease to be victims.

We find ourselves at this time in history with massive social and environmental problems brought about by unsustainable beliefs and practices. In the limited reality we have chosen, we look to science and technology to provide the answers. They have brought us many wonderful benefits, but by limiting their field of endeavour to the physical world, they do little to address the imbalances that are shaking our planet apart. We are like a beautiful machine that is missing a vital component.

The background story involves the author and two friends who were brought together to work with the ancestral spirits of the Australian aboriginal people. The indigenous Australians understood well the significance of spirit, and that knowledge served them well for over forty thousand years. They knew how to live sustainably, and the rest of us can learn from that.

Wharumbidgi is the guardian spirit of the sacred site where the events took place. The story of Wharumbidgi and his portal takes us back 400 years, well before the arrival of Europeans. It shows how they lived then, and helps us understand the great sadness they felt and the disempowerment they experienced as their land and their culture were taken from them. It describes how an etheric portal was created with the help of the three participants, and how countless thousands of aboriginal spirits were released from their pain and anguish in the lower astral plane. They assembled at the portal site and were guided to the timeless home of their ancestors and their legends, the Dreamtime.

The author draws on his experiences and the knowledge he was given to piece together the fragments of a puzzle that held his fascination for over thirty years. For so many “marvellous events due to supernatural agencies” to occur as they did, there must have been a very good reason. In 2014, often in the middle of the night, the insights came and the pieces started to fall into place. He began to see himself as a messenger, for there was a clear message for all to hear. It is about a new direction for humanity. It is about expanding our reality by embracing the totality of who we are. Out of his meticulous recordings of past events and the logic required to correctly interpret them, a new book was born.


Author: John Koch

Structural engineer and building designer. Author of 3 books . . . Pole Frame Magic - Bringing Awareness Into Architecture Lifting the Veils - A Search For Love And Truth Portal to the Dreamtime

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