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Portal to the Dreamtime is a true story documenting how spirit demonstrated to the author and his friends its power to influence and inspire us. Spirit presented in different identities, each with a specific purpose. It communicated verbally through several different channels, in dreams, by inspiring intuitive actions, in symbols that appeared synchronistically in the clouds, by moving solid objects with great force, and by the emotional prompting of the participants. New energies were implanted into the land, and we were guided as to their purpose and how we were being asked to use them.

The purpose of these events and communications was clearly to remind humanity that our immersion into duality and our almost exclusive focus on the material world is approaching its conclusion. It is now time to expand our reality by embracing spirit as part of who we are. The author logically deduces that spirit and consciousness are absolutely linked, and that spirit connects us to the Source of all inspiration and creativity (God). By embracing internal spirit rather than an external god, we become more empowered, we recognise the purpose in all we experience, and we cease to be victims. We do this by changing our belief system knowing that, through the spirit that we are, we are the creators of our experiences. If we believe accidents are possible and there is no purpose to them, then that is our reality. It is time to move out of that old fear based reality and into the new love based reality. When we do that as individuals we experience personal benefits such as synchronicity, manifestation and inspiration. When we do it collectively in sufficient numbers, humanity will transcend into the new paradigm.

The background story is about the trauma and ongoing impact experienced by the Australian indigenous people as a result of European settlement. Wharumbidgi is the guardian spirit of the Sacred Site of the Sleeping Serpent. Through the power of love, a portal is opened for the release into the Dreamtime of disempowered aboriginal spirits. Wharumbidgi oversees the gathering of spirits from all over the country, and a dark shadow hanging over Australia dissipates. Reconciliation between black and white hierarchical spirit takes place in the etheric and quickly translates to people on the ground. This was demonstrated in the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, and in the marches for reconciliation that took place in cities and towns throughout Australia.

Wharumbidgi last incarnated about 400 years ago. He shares with us his knowledge and some of his cultural traditions that enabled his people to live successfully for over 40,000 years. He expresses the wish that we understand who his people were before everything changed. Hopefully the rest of us can learn from them and modify our attitudes and actions that we might become more empathetic to each other and to our environment. He also acknowledges the coming of the “White Power”, the Christ Spirit.

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Author: John Koch

Structural engineer and building designer. Author of 3 books . . . Pole Frame Magic - Bringing Awareness Into Architecture Lifting the Veils - A Search For Love And Truth Portal to the Dreamtime


  1. Amazing account, thankyou John Koch. Truly awe inspiring and fascinating facts which lift us out of our material, mundane world… Well done! and thank you .

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